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cuánto dar de propina a un repartidor

How much to tip a delivery driver

Do you know how much to tip a delivery driver? This question is being asked more and more often. Food delivery has become a great salvation in many moments of our lives. Some more significant, such as during confinement, and others when we just didn’t feel like eating. Many have been responsible for keeping businesses afloat during the pandemic, keeping the COVID protocol right. In previous posts we told you that tipping becomes symbolic. A small amount that doesn’t mean much financially, but has many connotations.

In today’s post we are going to tell you how much to tip a delivery driver. Keep reading!

Tipping the food delivery man

When it comes to how much to tip a restaurant delivery person, we must take into account an essential factor. To begin with, placing your order through an APP such as Glovo, JustEat and the like is not the same as placing your order directly with the restaurant. These apps usually include a small fixed amount as a tip for the person who delivered your order.

In the case of restaurants, we told you that the tip in Spain is around 10% of the final amount. This could be a good rule, although from Tipeame we ask you to also take into account other factors: holidays, the weather (torrential rains, snowfalls…). We cannot forget that almost all of these workers deliver on motorbikes, and that some of them are working against the clock from the moment they leave the restaurant.

How much to tip an online shopping delivery driver

This is where the biggest disputes tend to occur. To begin with, many question whether or not they should tip. This is because most companies make you pay for postage. They can do so during the checkout process or by paying a flat fee, as might be the case with Amazon Prime.

cuánta propina se le da a un repartidor

There is also a complicating factor when it comes to tips for transport companies, and that is bad reputation. False notifications that the customer was not at home, broken packages, shipments not arriving on time… the list can be endless.

However, at Tipeame we do want to make a statement in favour of the delivery drivers who do their job well and deserve recognition. Also, in cities that are not so big, delivery drivers usually always cover the same area. This is very positive for people who buy a lot online, as in the end the relationship ends up being closer and therefore better.

Tipping the delivery man with Tipeame

At Tipeame we work to encourage tipping. Thanks to our app, anyone who wishes to leave a tip can do so using their mobile phone. The delivery person, waiter or person in question will provide the customer with a QR code. All they have to do is scan it and indicate the desired amount. It’s as easy as that!

The amount will be paid directly to the worker, with no waiting time. Convenient, easy and for everyone.

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