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How to tip in a hotel

The question of how to leave a tip in a hotel is being asked more and more every day. With the arrival of summer and the new normality, tourism has grown exponentially. More and more people are deciding to look for a new destination where they can spend their holidays and escape from routine. In fact,...

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The Tipping Law in Spain [2022]

The Tipping Law in Spain is something that is increasingly in demand, especially in the service sector. As we already told you in the post on how much to tip in Spain, it is usual and advisable to leave a 10% tip, but there is no exact rate as in other countries. Waiters, waitresses, deliverymen,...

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5 advices to earn more tips

How to earn more tips is something that all of us who have ever worked in restaurants have wondered. As we told you in previous posts, tips can become a great bonus. Especially for waiters and waitresses. Although it is not always the case, earning more tips is associated in our minds with being better...

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Can tips be considered as a salary?

The question: can tips be considered as a salary? is much more common than you might think. In the vast majority of jobs related to the hospitality and service sector, tips are the order of the day. From the Tipeame blog we want to help you solve any doubts you may have related to tips. And without...

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cuánto dar de propina a un repartidor

How much to tip a delivery driver

Do you know how much to tip a delivery driver? This question is being asked more and more often. Food delivery has become a great salvation in many moments of our lives. Some more significant, such as during confinement, and others when we just didn’t feel like eating. Many have been responsible...

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cómo se reparten las propinas en un restaurante

How tips are distributed in restaurants

Have you ever wondered how tips are distributed in a restaurant? Tips become a very important bonus for many workers. Depending on the month, they can get a high amount that allows them to have more purchasing power or to save more, each case is different! If you’ve ever wondered about it, you...

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