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cómo aumentar las ventas de un restaurante

How to increase restaurant sales

Do you know how to increase the sales of a restaurant? Many people dream of owning their own business, of offering all kinds of dishes to their customers. However, setting up a restaurant business is not easy. You need infrastructure, quality raw materials and staff.

If you have already managed to reach this point, let us congratulate you. It is not easy at all and even less so in these times. But if you are here, you need to increase your restaurant’s sales, so we are going to tell you how to do it with 5 tips. Let’s get started!

5 tips on how to increase restaurant revenue

By now everyone will have given you tips on how to improve your restaurant’s revenue. And all kinds of them! Of course there are a thousand plans you could implement and all kinds of strategies, but we have to be honest with the budget. There is not enough money for everything, so the important thing is to focus on certain objectives.

Offer a good service to your customers

When we talk about good service, we mean both the product and the service. You probably know restaurants that are famous for their food or for how friendly and attentive the waiters and staff are. First impressions are important, and for that we need to take care of the details.

Design an attractive space

We live in a time where everything is uploaded to social media. Photographs of dishes, corners of the restaurant that are ideal… going to eat has become an experience for all the senses. An attractive place will attract the attention of your target audience. And this translates into more visits to the restaurant by more people.

diseño bar atractivo

In fact, you probably know of restaurants that get a lot of visitors but their food or service leaves something to be desired, don’t you? And yet people still go there – don’t forget this!

Promote your restaurant

You can have a spectacular location and/or a delicious menu, but without promotion you will not be known. By promotion we don’t just mean advertising on Google or social networks, but also offline. Creating billboards, flyers, posters… all of this will help you get visibility. And not only that, word of mouth is going to be the cornerstone of your promotion. And to achieve that you need the first point to work perfectly.

Create discounts and offers for off-peak days

This is something very common among restaurants. The menu of the day, happy hour… you have surely seen these types of techniques in different restaurants. The aim is to attract the public on the days when you are going to receive the fewest customers. They are usually promotions for weekdays or at specific times.

And if you think it is too much, you can always limit it to 24 hours. Choose a day of the week with little traffic and create an offer that attracts attention, and you are sure to receive a lot of customers!

Focus on tips: they are essential!

Getting tips is vital on a lot of levels. For one thing, it’s going to increase the revenue level of the business, even if it goes into a separate account. Another point to keep in mind (although it’s not an exact science) is that you can see which waiters get the most tips.

It may just be a matter of being at the right time and some waiters may be luckier than others. However, if the trend repeats itself, you can use it as a benchmark. In other words, you will find out which workers get the most satisfied customers, either by their fast service or their friendliness.

aumentar las ventas con propinas

They can become an example for their peers to follow. If they see that some of them get more tips than they do, they will try to adopt the same behavioural etiquette in order to get tips.

Another way in which many restaurants earn income is by adding the service of bread and beaks. There are restaurants that charge for them and others that provide them for free. The price usually ranges from 80 cents to €1.50 per person.

Tipeame: learn how to increase revenues

Tipeame was created with the aim of helping you to increase your restaurants’ income, as well as promoting the tipping culture. Thanks to our app, any customer will be able to choose who to tip and do it through their mobile phone. Just scan the QR code of the worker in question and select the desired amount.

Thanks to our application you will be able to increase your income, as well as check the degree of satisfaction of the users towards your employees.

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