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cómo se reparten las propinas en un restaurante

How tips are distributed in restaurants

Have you ever wondered how tips are distributed in a restaurant? Tips become a very important bonus for many workers. Depending on the month, they can get a high amount that allows them to have more purchasing power or to save more, each case is different! If you’ve ever wondered about it, you...

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cómo dar propina con tarjeta

How to tip with a credit card

How to tip with a credit card is something that is increasingly searched for on the internet. As we told you, tipping in Spain is becoming less frequent since the arrival of COVID-19. Cash is being replaced by cards. Paying by card is faster and more hygienic, but one of the collateral damages is...

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How to increase restaurant sales

Do you know how to increase the sales of a restaurant? Many people dream of owning their own business, of offering all kinds of dishes to their customers. However, setting up a restaurant business is not easy. You need infrastructure, quality raw materials and staff. If you have already managed to...

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cuánto se deja de propina en españa

How much do people tip in Spain?

Do you know how much people tip in Spain? Tipping is something we accept when we travel to other countries such as Germany, France, Italy, England… But when it comes to Spain we are somewhat reticent. In fact, we tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to tipping. And not only when we...

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