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cuánto se deja de propina en españa

How much do people tip in Spain?

Do you know how much people tip in Spain? Tipping is something we accept when we travel to other countries such as Germany, France, Italy, England… But when it comes to Spain we are somewhat reticent.

In fact, we tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to tipping. And not only when we are customers, but also when we are part of the work team: waiters, deliverymen, cooks, cleaning service…

We can’t see a better way to officially open the blog than this. So if you want to know everything about propagation in Spain, you’re in the right place.

Do you tip in Spain

Only 10% of Spaniards tip in Spain whenever they go to a bar or restaurant. In our country the tipping culture has been uprooted. Why is this?

The main reason is the change in payment trends. Of course, totally conditioned by the emergence of Covid-19. If previously the vast majority of customers paid in cash (say 80%), now it is the other way around. Coins and banknotes are now unhygienic, a too easy way to get infected.

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